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Commemorative Gallery of Accounting History

Located in Gerson 115 at the University of Florida, the Commemorative Gallery of Accounting History houses a collection of vintage computing devices used since the late 1800s. It chronicles the careers and contributions of notable alumni and other individuals who have influenced accounting education and accounting practice in the State of Florida.

The Gallery is designed to enhance the academic learning environment, promote the development of positive goals, and the principle of independence for students and alumni. To support the Gallery, and to fund its activities, alumni Gary R. Gerson, Alfred C. Warrington, and Frederick E. Fisher established the Commemorative Gallery Fund in 2003. Contributors to this endowed gift include many alumni, faculty, and friends.

Commemorative Gallery
115 Gerson Hall
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Commemorative Gallery Founders

  • Frederick E. Fisher
  • Gary R. Gerson
  • J. Michael Cook
  • Robert Ellyson
  • Jerome and Marjorie Schine
  • Glenn Troast
  • Mike and Laura Willis
  • Michael D. Abney
  • Robert J. Batson
  • Theodore Chive
  • Fred H. Edenfield, Jr.
  • Charles B. Eldridge
  • Ted Fernandez
  • G. Thomas & Deborah J. Frankland
  • Wayne Fraser
  • C. Harold Hippler
  • George J. Kehl
  • Michael Kohner
  • John L. Kramer
  • James T. Lang
  • Robert F. Lanzillotti
  • Stanley & Susan Levy
  • Robert N. Lowe, Jr.
  • R. Terry Lyle
  • Linda & Ken McGurn
  • Robert W. McMullen
  • Joelen K. Merkel
  • Jesse M. Miles
  • Henry H. & Peggy B. Miyares
  • D.B. Odom
  • Mark Schroeder
  • Arthur L. Shealy, Jr.
  • John Simmons
  • Richard Simonet
  • Doug Snowball
  • James Southall, Jr.
  • Marc and Loreen Spencer
  • Michael B. Sullivan
  • R. Stephen Thibault
  • Larry J. Thoele
  • Douglas H. Thompson, Jr.
  • Lloyd “Buddy” Turman
  • Al Warrington