15 Years and 18,000 Students

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You know I’m a very lucky guy. Fortunately, after having a full career, and not even thinking I deserve that there might be something else for me, I walked into what has been the absolutely most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life.

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Bill Rossi has become introspective these last few months before his retirement. He wondered how many students has he taught during his 15 years at Warrington.

After crunching the numbers, the figure even startled him.

More than 18,000.

My hope is that they look back on it and say, ‘I had an absolutely great experience in his course,’” Professor Rossi said. “We all want some legacy in life. I want my legacy to be like this: ‘I wish I could take another course from him.’

That sentiment is surely shared by Warrington students who had the pleasure of Professor Rossi’s tutelage.

Professor Rossi epitomizes the uniqueness of a Warrington education. In addition to academic scholars, the College proudly attracts successful business professionals like Professor Rossi, whose real-world experiences provide our students valuable insights and skills they can practically apply to their future careers.

Although Professor Rossi’s time at Warrington is concluding, his impact on thousands of alumni is enduring. It is professors like Bill Rossi that make us proud to share our Warrington Stories.

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