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Meet Joey and Cara

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Joey Couture and Cara Grandstaff have a lot in common—not surprising considering they’ve been a couple for five years.

They’ve both showed they can handle the corporate world, successfully completing internships with General Electric’s Financial Management Program.

They’ve both gained unique, global perspectives through their amazing study abroad experiences at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid.

They’ve both showed their desire to give back to their fellow students by helping them obtain professional internships through their work as Career & Academic Peer Mentors.

And, most importantly, they both love UF and the Warrington College of Business for the opportunities they’ve been provided.

Students like Joey and Cara embody the Warrington spirit. Dedicated to their studies, committed in their leadership roles and inspired to achieve the Gator Good, these remarkable students have maximized every resource afforded to them, helping them realize their dreams. And those dreams could not have been attained without the loyal support of Warrington alumni.

It is students like Joey and Cara that make us proud to share our Warrington Stories.

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